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It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend Brenda Pritchard and Horizon Realty Management, Inc. for your multifamily property management assignment. In the 10+ years our firm has worked with Horizon, we've found no other firm to be as diligent, responsive or committed to our projects, whether they be lease ups, substantial renovations or stabilized assets, from Class A to Class C.

As background, I have worked with Brenda and her team since outsourcing my own in-house property management company in 2008. I was very reluctant to give up that control and interviewed no fewer than a dozen firms for the assignment. At the time, Brenda's group only managed in Florida and because we had assets across the country, I had the opportunity to work with a couple of different management groups over a period of years. We now only work with Horizon whenever possible.

Horizon stood out from the other groups I worked with for several reasons. First, they only do third party management and so there is no conflict of interest between the quality of talent they would put on our assets versus assets they might own. Second, they have a disciplined growth strategy. I've never had an issue with getting sufficient resources on our properties because Horizon purposefully does not take on more assets than their existing team can handle. Third, they have very low staff turnover among their corporate team. Many of the people who work at Horizon today were working there when I originally hired their firm back in 2008, including both Regional Managers who oversee our portfolio. This creates a consistency you often don't find with a larger management group and is imperative when executing more complicated business plans. Fourth, they don't nickel and dime. This is a constant annoyance with the larger firms. Everybody charges the same fee, but if you peel back a few layers, with the larger groups you will discover that you may be paying for some of their corporate staff to oversee your marketing, or you may be paying for a fixed (and much higher) cost for employee benefits, regardless of whether or not that management company is spending those dollars on their employees. Finally, Horizon's smaller size was important for me and should be for any group that has fewer than 5,000 units under management at any given time. With Horizon, you will be a bigger client, which translates to more attention than you would get from a Greystar, a Pegasus or other management behemoth who would be incentivized to put their best resources on either their own properties or on those of their bigger clients. With Horizon, the President knows your asset as well as the Regional Manager assigned to it and she picks up the phone when you call.

By way of example, I had a particularly challenging lease up at one of our assets in a market that was seeing an unprecedented amount of new multifamily deliveries. I spoke with Brenda and within a week she personally flew out to the property to conduct leasing training with the on-site team. She followed that up with at least 4 more visits, 3 days at a time, to ensure that the team was trained properly, and the building was at its best. She took ownership of the entire process, conducted weekly leasing calls through stabilization, held training sessions with the maintenance and housekeeping teams and even took me to task on some of the deficiencies with the construction. She understood that in a lease up, it's not just about the leasing team, it's about the entire operation.

In closing, you can't go wrong with selecting Horizon. From the reporting to the operations to the risk management, I've found no other management company that has paid more attention to my bottom line and the value of my dollar. Horizon has always treated our assets as though they owned them, which is exactly what you want in a management partner. Should you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss our experience in more detail.

- Brooke Klink

The Development Group Inc. is a local multifamily developer having built approximately 5,000 units in Duval, Clay, and St. Johns counties. We have employed Horizon Realty Management to handle the lease up and day to day management of our properties since 2001. Horizon has done an exceptional job meeting our leasing projections at rents often above original pro-forma.

Property management, after lease up, has been very professional with timely budgets, excellent reporting, and most importantly meeting or exceeding projections.

Horizon's extensive market knowledge, leadership skills, professional team and attention to detail has resulted in high occupancy, increased rent structure, and ultimately sale prices that exceed similar communities in the same market.

I highly recommend Horizon Realty Management.

- J.W. Jacquot

I would like to share my experience with Horizon Realty Management while serving on the board of directors for Sail Cove Condominiums for more than 10 years.
Horizon's team exhibited genuine care for our community, and it showed in many ways. Their recommendations on annual budgeting was realistic and prevented us from ever having any special assessments. Their vast knowledge of the Multi Housing industry helped with vendor selection, to ensure we had qualified contractors to work on our property of 280 units with stand-alone garages.
Horizon did an excellent job of bringing our delinquent assessments under control, to the point of having near zero delinquencies. They also went above and beyond helping us with key decisions such as landscaping design, pool deck resurfacing, remodeling our clubhouse and many other improvements without us asking for help. Here again, their experience in the Multi-Family housing environment helped us tremendously.
I would highly recommend Horizon Realty Management to any community seeking a professional, experienced and reliable property management company.

- John Gray

I have been living at Atlantica Apartments for almost 2 years now. It has been a pleasure to live here and out of all the places I have lived it is my favorite. The community has a management team that goes above and beyond the call of service. Having a management team that lives on the property is one of the things that I love about Atlantica Apartments. It is reassuring knowing that there are people here 24/7 who know this complex like the back of their hand.

The entire management team is helpful, accommodating and friendly. They always make me feel welcome and important whether I am talking to them on the phone, or I am dropping by the front office. The apartments are nicely designed with a brand new look and up to date appliances. They actually seem to care about the quality of the apartments versus just trying to fill them. I really love the pool area and have spent many days there soaking up the sun.

My time here at Atlantica Apartments has been wonderful. I am in the Navy and will eventually get orders somewhere else, and I am not looking forward to this as I feel I have found my home. I am very happy and feel very safe at Atlantica Apartments and I would highly recommend renting from this community to anyone.

- Atlantica Resident

I have been with Horizon Realty Management since December of 2005 and I have been so proud being a part of such a great team. Every employee's opinion and ideas are listened to and often changes are made to reflect these great ideas and suggestions. Horizon is a great supporter of the Local and State Apartment Associations; we encourage our employees to further their Property Management Education by obtaining National Certifications. Our President, Brenda Pritchard serves on several Apartment Industry Boards and is very active in the Legislative processes. We also support local charities, from the Clara White Mission Food Drive, Salvation Army Holiday Angel Tree, care packages to Troops overseas, Harbor House and the Moose Lodge are just a few of the many we support. Horizon Realty Management is truly a great company and doesn't just manage communities; we are a Company that supports each other, the community and the multi-family industry!

- Beth Carozza - Regional Manager

Dear Brenda,

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to you and the entire Horizon Realty Management team for your outstanding support and professional relationship with Advanced Technical Services (ATS) over the years.

You and your team have always acted in a professional manner and treat our service technicians with exceptionally friendly service each time we visit one of your properties to resolve an IT related problem. This is a direct reflection of you and your management style and leadership and we would like to commend you for such an achievement.

We are very fortunate to work on a daily basis with Horizon Realty Management and we are truly honored to be your IT service provider.

- Allen Yarbrough - President Advanced Technical Services

Green!! Oh, my gosh!!! I couldn't be happier with the changes, upgrades, improvements, and repairs being done at Oak Forest! . As you know, I've called Oak Forest my home since February of 1998; first a two-bedroom apartment, then in 2003, to my present one-bedroom apartment. At my lease renewal last time, your kindness and acknowledgement of not only my age of 71, but my longevity here at Oak Forest was very much appreciated. You listened to my concerns and acted immediately to assure I'd be satisfied and would continue to be a resident of Oak Forest.

I was, and am, very pleased with what has been done to make my living here even better. I can't thank YOU enough, Green, for all you've done for me. I'm sure you've done the same for others here, but I can only speak for myself. In all the years I have lived here, I have NEVER been afraid for my safety. I've been fortunate, for the most part, to live in an area that is relatively quiet and neighboring tenants have been pleasant. When I need maintenance, I can be assured it will be scheduled in a timely manner and completed perfectly. I thank the maintenance staff for their hard work taking care of so many apartments here. I know their days are long and very busy, yet they are always very pleasant as they greet me throughout the complex as well as in my apartment to do work for me.

I am very happy to call Oak Forest my home, Green, and I tell everyone what an awesome Manager YOU are and how grateful I am that you have not only listened to my concerns, but addressed them. And, of course, as you know, I am living on a very small fixed income and I so appreciated my last rent agreement. I was so grateful you met with me in person to iron out concerns I had, and you resolved them all, and made my life so much less stressful.

Thank you, Green, for appreciating ME. THIS is my home, and I couldn't be happier living here, and I cant even begin to tell you how much I think of you as a person and as our Manager.

- Oak Forest Resident

Horizon has worked with me in the acquisition and management of three properties in North-east Florida over the past two years. During that time they have helped me formulate a "vision" for each property, assisted in due diligence and offered a wide variety of insights into the local multi-family market.

Upon acquisition, Horizon has been instrumental in the marketing, lease-up, financial reporting and ongoing maintenance of each property. Because properties that I would acquire inevitably require rehab, I have also utilized Horizon as construction managers.

In all aspects of their services, they have "taken ownership" and have been a valued and trusted partner. I am pleased to recommend them for the recognition that they deserve.

- S. Briggs

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Horizon Realty Management as a community association manager. Horizon has been managing Beau Rivage of Jacksonville, an 84 unit high-rise luxury condominium on the Saint Johns River, since 2017 after the Beau Rivage Board of Directors had conducted a lengthy search for a new company.

We could not be happier with the choice of Horizon for these reasons:

  • All personnel are fully qualified and experienced professionals who work to a high standard
  • Senior management is always available for strategy or technical consultation
  • Horizon listens to our needs and issues, researches solutions and offers them in an organized, detailed manner
  • Financial and administrative reports are delivered on time and accurately
  • Staff readily comes up with ways to improve processes, save money and streamline efficiencies. They are on our side and thinking; projects both small and complex get full attention
  • Using their relationships with many clients, Horizon suggests new service providers and contractors. This has resulted in better cost control and technological support than we'd had previously
  • Fees are reasonable and fully explained
- F. Alison Bok

Landscape Professionals Inc. has had the privilege of working with Brenda Pritchard and Horizon Realty Management for the past 13 years. We have over 30 years' experience working with dozens of property management companies. Without hesitation Horizon Realty stands above the rest. Their professionalism, knowledge and dedication to the communities they manage are second to none. They are highly respected among their peers which has earned them and the communities they manage numerous local, state and national awards.

Horizon Realty's standard of excellence is evident throughout their communities. Their standards and enthusiasm are evident at every level of Horizon Realty, from the regional managers to onsite porters, every single one of Brenda's staff understand her vision of what a community needs to be. From staff to vendors Horizon Realty creates a positive work environment that requires one hundred percent dedication to their communities.

Horizon Realty has always shown the highest standards of professionalism and knowledge. They are well versed in all phases of property management from construction and lease up to renovation of older communities. The teams at Horizon Realty have a detailed knowledge of all the trades they encounter on their properties, which is an asset when it comes to bidding out and overseeing projects that a community may require.

Horizon Realty and their teams under Brenda's direction have been leaders in the Multi-Family and Community Association Management industry for many years. Brenda served as president of the Board of Directors for the First Coast Apartment Association, the Florida Apartment Association and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

- Jack Wambach

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