Horizon Realty Management, Inc. provides owners, investors, asset managers, developers, condominium and homeowner associations with premier management services.

Guaranteed Customer Service

Our corporate and on-site teams are always available. A live person who handles your account is just a phone call, text or e-mail away. Our entire team from top down will always be there for you.

Financial Reporting

Comprehensive, accurate and timely financials are prepared each month and distributed to the owners. Reports include but are not limited to: bank reconciliation, trial balance, balance sheet, P&L. Horizon works directly with outside audit and tax preparers to facilitate timely reporting.

Real-Time Online Report Access

Owners have access in Real Time to reporting such as: occupancy, rentals, move-in, move-out, traffic sources, lease renewals, expirations, traffic, projections, turn status and month to date collections... among others.

Due Diligence

Horizon due diligence services include, but are not limted to: 100% file audits, property inspections, unit inspections, capital budgets, financial statement review and market analysis.


Our team starts working in advance of closing to ensure that proper accounts, personnel and systems are in place the day of takeover, allowing for a smooth and orderly transition.

Value Add Service

Horizon professionals will evaluate, recommend and implement strategies for improving your bottom line. Whether its capital improvements, property enhancements or repositioning your asset in the market, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Renovation/Construction Management

Horizon will supervise capital projects from obtaining competitive bids, evaluation, recommendations and overseeing the project. This in-house seamless process provides true value.

Community Lease Up

Horizon has leased up over 4,000 units from groundbreaking up. This service includes assistance with selection of interior features, color selections and amenities to enhance the overall success of the community, while working closely with the owner to establish aggressive rent structure.

Insurance Procurement

Horizon assists with the pricing and procurement of all types of property insurance. We review all policies and offer ideas and suggestions to reduce both cost and risk. We have policies and procedures in place to minimize risk to owners.

High Rise Management

Horizon has managed high rise communities since its inception. We know the in and outs of these assets, from maintaining them to developing comprehensive management plans for their safe and efficient operation.

Senior Living Management

We can provide you with full accounting, financial, payroll and HR functions for your community. Our financials are distributed monthly providing you with accurate and timely information to further help you with managing your asset.

Condominium Management

The licensed C.A.M. team at Horizon has over 35 years of experience in managing Associations. With our Jacksonville location, we offer full operations and accounting, while providing excellent customer service from one central location.

Community Marketing

Our team will create flyers, brochures, logo's, signs, flags and more. Anything the community needs to spread the word and be found. This is done in house keeping your cost at a minimum. Our on-site teams work closely with marketing to ensure all marketing needs are met.

Social Media Management

Facebook pages are created for every community and maintained by on-site management. Updates are sent out consistenty keeping the residents and prospects involved. A Twitter page can be created for your communities in conjuction with your facebook page. Twitter is a short blurb, a link to events or happenings in your community or area. LinkedIn is a business based platform that can be linked to your websites and lead people to your business page.

Online Leasing and Rent Payments

Our integration with a major software provider makes it easy for applicants to both apply on line and be screened automatically prior to moving into your community. Rent payments are effortless and can be made via the residents on-line account, thus streamlining the collection and deposit process.

Community/Resident Events

We pride ourselves in being able to state that referals are a large percentage of our community leases. The involvement and dedication of our on-site staff creates a true sense of community. Events, newsletters, and just plain FUN spreads quickly and makes your community "the place to be".

Commercial Leasing

Horizon's commercial leasing team represents the owner in all lease negotiations, including terms, rents and advertising. Our successful team and Horizon's process has increased our portofolio's occupancy by over 17%.

Human Resources

Horizon understands the importance of quality employees. Our compensation, benefits and 401K are competitive within the industry and professionally administered. We promote and support our employees success through regular performance management and training, providing added value to our clients and organization.

Web Development

Your website is going to be the first stop your customers shop at. We can create your site or keep your existing site alive and well. Updated pictures, information and online leasing are vital to your business and we can help you achieve this at any level of investment.

Vendor Compliance/National Discounts

When you do business with Horizon, you will have access to our national accounts and discounted pricing on goods and services. We pass 100% of these discounts directly to the property with NO Fees or Up-charges.

Maintenance Programs

Horizon's maintenance teams are safety trained quarterly, licensed appropriately and professionally attired. Our teams are carefully configured from the top down. The National Director of Maintenance oversees all maintenance operations and crews.


At Horizon we are dedicated to training our personnel with the most up to date and successful tools used in the industry. Training is ongoing and provided by our team of professionals and through industry education. Licensing is encouraged and mandatory when required.

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